The Bnei Arazim Child Care center

Bnei Arazim Child Care Center is a non-profit organization, founded in 1993, with the specific mission of locating, diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with mental disorders and severe behavioral problems. Our treatment model centers on maximum efforts to avoid psychiatric hospitalization.

Bnei Arazim's founding director and CEO, Shulamit Blank, M.D., is a  pediatrician and child psychiatrist who has worked in the field for many years, successfully treating thousands of children and adolescents all over the country.

The Bnei Arazim four-story building (basement included) has been in operation since March 2001. The center runs four separate rehabilitative treatment-educational programs simultaneously: The Residential Facility, The Day School, The After School Center, and The Family Therapy Clinic

Our spacious facility (1,200 square meters), located in the town of Rishon Lezion, offers different programs throughout the day, and serves hundreds of kids and families from all over Israel.

The BneiArazim Center was established with donations from individuals in the United States, England and South Africa and the generous with financial support of the Israel National Insurance Institute (HaModsad LeBitu’ach Le’Umi), as well as the chairman of the Bnei Arazim non-profit organization, Mr. Shlomo Hizak.  Dr. Isaac Blank z”l worked tirelessly for the organization, with abiding love and dedication, and was the true powerhouse behind its founding.

As of today, over one thousand children have been treated at Bnei Arazim, with highly successful outcomes including significant improvements in all areas of daily functioning.  With the assistance they received at our center, these children succeeded in fulfilling their academic potential and improving their social adjustment and ability to function in normative society.  Many of them transferred from the therapeutic, special education frameworks they had been in, into mainstream educational programs and then continued on to serve in the army and find regular employment in the community.